Sunday, May 28, 2006

This blog (biosyscontext) is a part of two complimentary blogs centered around systematics and the build-up of a dedicated knowledge system. Ants serve as the model organism (see antbase). The other, conscontext, focuses on general issues arising on the way to make all data to knowledge accessible to anybody.

Ants are chosen as a model organism, to demonstrate the value of a complete comprehensive system for a group of organisms which has a dominant role in many ecoystems and thus ought to play a key role in ecological studies and conservation. At the same time, lessons learend during this transformation process, might help to implement an open access environment or commons, such as the conservation commons.

Thus, the two logs will reflect my thoughts and at the same time functions as a documentation of its development.

Links to published comments, including antbase are available at this page on antbase.