Sunday, March 06, 2011

Global Names Index (GNI)or don't we learn anything?!

The other day I was looking up Panacedechis papuanus trevorhawkeswoodi on Google to see what is known about this species and whether I can find some images. What I found was the link to the Global Names Index, I guess, because there is not so much online on this particular species.
What frustrated me immediately is, that there are just name strings. Names attached to nothing. Not even an author. And then there are name strings with an author and year, but they are not linked, not reference given, and when one clicks to the source, it is just a dead end without actually displaying the citation.
I think this is incredible for a new tool that wants to deal with all names, and is supported by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). We don't know what's behind a particular name in a particular publication. But now, we do not even now to what use of the name refers.
I always hoped, that especially institutions like GBIF, one of the main player in the field of biodiversity informatics, would push that names are linked to a publication in which links are provided to the materials examined that allows to understand the species concept used in this particular usage.

But no, they seem to be even more ignorant of what the Internet provides: Linkage.

I am hoping, I am wrong.


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